Anti-Solipsist Solipsist Club

Posted on March 11, 2021

johnny says stay cool

our brains are big dumb hunks of meat that are uncooperative at the best of times and actively self saboutaging at the worst of times.

any form of praise they get is due to their ability to self inspect, to understand their own workings and (allegedly) create a feedback loop of self improvement.

it is due to this ability that i can write this piece. my brain is sending the results of its activating neurons to my finger muscles to talk about that very same process.

as far as its understanding of science goes, rationally, it is no different to a neural network. it is a big dumb bag of random neurons that may or may not behave like they want to behave, and its complicated enough that we say its sentient because while we may know how it works in general in some areas, its either too complex or no-one can be bothered to figure out the specifics of why it decides to act like the mismatched set of gears it is.

take a minute out

this decision making “““process”“” is the result of the set of inputs it has. its view of the world, its senses, its feelings and thoughts on the matter it percieves.

this brain, as a self percieving entity, is completely capable of realising that if anything were to alter those inputs, its perceptions of reality would change.

its reality is those perceptions, and it realies on the inner workings of a thing it knows to be unreliable and uncooperative to process those inputs.

let her come to you

this is solipsism, the idealogy that you are the only conscious entity and everything else is a figment of your imagination. its favourited by people who dont care to understand much about the purpose of idealogy, and narcissists.

there is a trend to favour the cold hard facts over anything else in this world, that you can only be a real smart person if you disregard those pesky feelings.

the second you say anything faith based, the reddit intelligencia will come with their pitchforks.

however, rationally we can and should discard solipsist escape fantasies from our minds.

they can serve us no good, they are unhelpful, and most importantly: they do not allow for a worldview in which we are able to practice our rationality.

if all of reality is the perception of an unreliable and uncooperative brain, capable of self programming without its knowledge, then nothing can be logically sound. we forfeit our ability to make meaningful reaction to our environment, and we lose our ability to individualise to our escapist desire to not have to worry.

regardless of if it is true, we must, as the only rational thing to do, take faith in the idea that we do not live in solipsism, we must believe as one would in a diety of choosing that we exist in a reality capable of challenging us in ways that force us to adapt, to improve, and have the ability to be a person to however extent we wish to.

we must realise that we have actual power over this reality, in the form that we have collectively chosen to percieve it, and all we need to do is interact with any of the other living, percieving entities that are equally as alive as ourselves.

breath in, breath out

anti-solipsism is the new rational-stan armchair idealogy. it requires faith when you dont trust your brain to cooperate with you, and that faith must be unwavering.

regardless of what turns out to be true, this faith will allow us the best experience with what we percieve.