Announcing: Layer 13 - Ego

Posted on September 6, 2018

DISCLAIMER!!! is no longer running, and we have moved to instead, running on different software, but with all the same cool peeps. The article here has been left unmodified apart from this disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER 2 !!!! is no longer running, most of the community have moved on to various other instances, the article as been left unmodified apart from this disclaimer

Ego is up and running!

Layer 13 of the Protocol Seven System

Layer 13 - hosted at - is my Mastodon instance.

Mastodon is a twitter-like social network, and it has a couple of neat points to it:

open source

what more could you ask for? free as in freedom and free as in beer, and piece of mind if you’re tinfoil hat enough to be able to read through all the code and make sure no-ones spying on you.


anyone can run their own instance of Mastodon, and all instances can communicate with each other as if it were one large social network.

there aren’t too many people on my instance currently, so feel free to join and chat. once we start following people in other instances (or if anyone is running a larger instance and is fine with relaying for me) we’ll start to see more and more of the wider network.


Layer 13 - Ego

Battlefield the first for our public image

The first and last front

The unique combination of meatspace and the wired

Yearning to leave but needing to stay

But then where is the real me, after all is said and done?
Oh, there is no real me.
I guess that’s it.

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