Posted on June 28, 2019

listen up comrades!

for too long we’ve had to put up with this sub-par situation.

its time to free our cycles, let up on those cpus.

we need to take-back what they took from us.

thats right you high tech low lifers, its time to…

destroy the global state

we’ve suffered at the hands of the global state for so long

why should anything have the right to global state? its disgusting, really.

tA enough with this analogy just actual say the things

yeah sure thing, the current state of basically all programmation is pretty disgusting, and nobody really seems to care, not even the people at the forefront of it all.

econs fuarked

ive said this a lot, but we really have an insane amount of technical debt. literally everything we do is built on top of layer upon layer upon layer of outdated tech principles, like some insane meta house of cards.

our entire stack is currently built upon a system that focussed on many users using a single computer, and we use it primarily for things that involve one user using many computers.

we have a hundred million layers of pointless stuff just to get to a web browser, which for all intents and purposes may as well be a desktop environment, and then we just start building houses of cards again on top of that.

honestly its a wonder that you can even boot.


so here comes Anarcho Computation, comrades we must eliminate the global state!

its a vicious cycle. you make some shitty modern day program, you have to do two things:

  • set up all the state for the program
  • set up all the state for the shit your program needs to run

and for whatever reason, rather than bundle this away, keep it as seperate as possible, have it rely on as little as possible, people just go

oh fuark it lets put this in the global state, lets have this both avaliable to, and required for, every other program on the system.

yeah that makes sense.

we must rebuild, we must make things right.

if modern computing was a car, it’d have the body of a lambo, and under the hood it’d actually just have a harness to strap in a horse.

and if you use the wrong type of horse it blows up.

stateless programming

is actually pretty comfy, but not required, we dont need to eliminate state, we just need to get rid of the global state.

if we do that, it becomes so much easier to port anything.

we can implement new things without having to drag over 50 years of previous global config to keep it running.

we can have nice programs that dont error at runtime and fall over.

we can have systems without bloated configs, without wasted cycles.

we can have true freedom.


this will never happen, as long as floss isn’t the standard.

corporations do not want to spend the money redoing the system, when they could be spending that money on adding useless features stealing from floss projects changing laws to fuark up the floss communities soykaf.

but we can do it, we can embrace it, and with a little luck, and a lot of work.

we could start a revolution.

VIVA! VIVA LA REVOLUTION! || Welcome to the J.J's Cyberia world!