Always Rock

Posted on October 8, 2018

paper scissors rock is a scam. do not play it. its awful.

ded gaem, as the kids say.

the hottest new soykaf on the block is a brand new game called

always rock

its very similar to the paper scissors rock we all know and love, but with one rule that is fairly easy to grok from the name.

  • you must always choose rock

now there are some questions that arise from this, so lets get them out of the way first.

the usual first reaction is something like:

but tA, if everyone always chooses rock, and rock is a tie with rock, then the game will never end! although i like doing rock with my human fist that i have because im totally not a spider

the answer is simple, you always choose rock until you don’t

choosing something other than rock is something of an honour system. sure you could choose paper straight away, but that makes you what we in the business like to call a fuarking shit-cunt

the safe option is to do paper after a couple of draws, but you can’t be too obvious about it, if they think you’re gonna do paper, its their chance to go scissors.

one of the most stylish moves is choosing the relatively unsafe scissors, in the hopes of achieving those 900 iq pro-reads and catching their paper, which is the second most honourable victory you can achieve. this is the fun of always rock.

of course the most honourable victory is to stay resolute and stay rock, catching their cheeky scissors and winning like a true good cunt.

final thoughts

not much more to say about the game. its the baduk to rps’ checkers, its the fruity vape to rps’ creamy vape, its the burn it to the ground by nickelback to rps’ rockstar by nickelback, and the best part is that you can play it against people who are playing rps too. i highly recommend trying it out.

rock, rock, rock, rock