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Posted on October 24, 2018

magic is real and im sure of that.

not much else to say really, but we’ll give it a go

what is magic

magic is many different things to many different settings, however theres one description that i personally thinks captures the rough idea of most settings.

magic is the act of affecting reality using your mind, in specified ways.

i think it’d be hard to argue this is at least a description that is acceptable, so thats the one we’re going to use.

how tf is it real

magic as described 100% exists.

its difficult to do, but satisfying when it works.

its something we should all practice every day, but most people don’t.

magic is having an attitude that allows you to realise your goals

every time you’re suffering sbs and resolve to go outside and feel good, thats magic

every time you’re trying to study and you try really hard and do it, thats magic.

every time you stop acting like a sad cunt for a while and talk to someone and they think you’re neat, thats magic.

anytime your attitude is affecting reality, thats indistinguishable from magic.

final thoughts

i wish i had a spell to make me write more. i do. its called “getting off my ass and actually writing”

the other night i was very cold. i said “i wish i was warmer” and then i got off my ass and turned the heater on despite not being motivated to do that at all. my change in attitude granted my wish.

practice magic every day. its a lifesaver.

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